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Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

Black & White Malaysia S'pore Promo (09~11 Aug)

credits to Michi@OnlyF4
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9 August 2009

* Arrival @ Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
* Press Conference
* 6pm - Astro fans gathering (closed event)

How to win tickets:
- Online contest by Malaysia Cable tv - Astro website (only for Astro members)

- MY FM Radio contest

10 August 2009

* Arrival @ Singapore
* 3pm - Meet & Greet @ Bugis Junction

11 August 2009
Leave Singapore, back to Taiwan

Translation of contest details:

Black & White Fans Gathering contest
Good news! Astro has arranged for actors of Black & White Vic Chou & Mark Zhao to meet up with Astro members.
Just answer few questions, and 10 lucky winners will stand a chance to attend Black & White Fans gathering. (Each winner can bring along another person)
Contest period: 1 - 6 August 2009

Fans Gathering
Date: 9 August (Sunday)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Astro, North entrance

*Astro members have to email the answers to
* Must state your personal particulars including epass user id, name as in yr ic, ic number and contact number.

1. In Black & White, who plays the role of Chen Zai Tian?
A. Zhou Yu Min
B. Xiu Jie Kai
C. Zhao You Ting

In Black & White, what is the name of the character act by Zhao You Ting
A. Wu Ying Xiong
B. Gao Yi
C. Ma Xiao Ming

(II) Write down why do u like ¡°Black & White¡±? (within 50 words)

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