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Ella forces Vic Chou to choose her over Yang Mi

The Kevin Chu Yen Ping directed, Vic Chou (Chow Yu Man), Yang Mi, Ella, Benny (Siu Siu Bun) and Ding Shasha starred film HAPPY UNION (TIN SUN YUT DUI) yesterday held a Beijing press conference. With Qixi on the way, the event placed a giant heart shaped floral arrangement for the cast to take photos with. In the film child actor Ding Shasha had a crush on Benny, but when the event arranged for them to hold hands Benny was somewhat upset and even made some funny expressions that made everyone laugh. Rising in popularity, Yang Mi had fans with banners and flowers for her. Because later she still had to work, yesterday she took three hours off to attend the press conference. Jai Jai also had fan cheering him on.

This film will be released during the year end holidays, now the Taiwan segment has already been completed. Later it will shoot in Shanghai. Although during the holiday it will face a lot of strong competition, director Chu Yen Ping was very confident. Because among the action and martial art films, HAPPY UNION was like a fresh breeze, a tears within laughter romance that would gently conquer the tough. He even believed in film luck. Because the cast had strong popularity, the film had good luck. In the film was Jai Jai a Happy Union with Yang Mi or Ella? He joked that Jai Jai this time was very lucky. He not only had two women but also Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen). Jai Jai heard and happily smiled.

Yang Mi this time played Jai Jai's former wife, Ella played his confidante and Tsui Yuek Suen played another girlfriend. Which type of girl would Jai Jai choose? Before he was able to answer, Ella already cut in. "He doesn't need to choose, he definitely would choose me." She also said to Yang Mi, "Give me a chance." Jai Jai laughed and said, "Since you say it like that, I choose you." Jai Jai and Benny also had a father and son relationship. Jai Jai honestly said that at first he was worried whether he would be able to work with a child actor. Luckily childhood stardom has not polluted Benny. They had great communication. Reporters asked whether Benny liked Jai Jai or his own father? He directly said he liked his own father. When Yang Mi first worked with Jai Jai, she thought that he lived in his own life and was somewhat hard to communicate with. Later she realized that his eyes were electrifying, which caused her to lose control. Luckily she was able to leave her character.

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