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Saving General Yang/ Seven Yang warriors proclaiming brotherhood loyalty, competing in looks

Saving General Yang/ Seven Yang warriors proclaiming brotherhood loyalty, competing in looks
2011.08.20 [World News ╱ entertainment news group 19 (Xinhua) - Hangzhou

Translated by sytwo @ VIC

If we group handsome guys Wu Zun, Vic Chou , Raymond Lam into one movie, I believe that female fans will be screaming. When Raymond Wong announced the cast list for Saving General Yang which he has been preparing for many years, in addition to the above actors, there is also Yu Bo and Li Chen, and "old shuai-ge" Adam Cheng who will be playing General Yang (Yang Ling Gong) in the film..

Comparable to idol drama, challenges TVB’s classic series

According to reports, the Legend of the Yang Saga spread from the Northern Song Dynasty, and there are interpretation from numerous versions. But in the handful of films that were done, the story is mostly about Mu Gui Ying and this group of Lady Yang Warriors, including the 1960 theatrical film "Lady Yang Warriors, "; 1972 movie “14 Lady Amazons” by Director Cheng Gang, acted by Ling Po, Lu Yan; CCTV Movie Channel series of TV movie" Lady Yang Warrior", and the soon to-be-released in September this year, Cecilia Chang’s movie "Lady Yang Warrior : Military Order".

In 1981 Lau Kar Leung produced, directed and acted in the movie by Shaw Brothers, scripted by Ni Kuang, called "5th brother ‘s 8th divinity rod", and is a rare film about the men of Yang Warrior in the last 30 years. The most dazzling star of Seven Yang sons combination came in 1985 via TVB anniversary series "Yang Warrior Saga" - with the seven sons acted by Li Han Chi, Francis Ng, Li Guo Lin , Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

It was report that since two years ago, Raymond Wong's "Yang Saga" already had a prototype, with screenplay by his son Edmond Wong who also wrote "Ip Man 2". The focus of the story is on the brotherhood love of the seven Yang sons. Raymond Wong had even openly posted before on weibo to ask fans opinions on the casting, ie. which are the actors most appropriate to portray the seven Yang sons.

More touching than “Ip Man”, Zaizai and Wuzun shed manly tears

Do not know whether it is to portray a big brother, that during the press conference event, Zaizai kept the moustache-look that he has spotted since June during the filming of "Live With Fashion". Plus he is thinner, the skin is darker and he was wearing sunglasses, from a distance looks like the "narrow version of Aaron Kwok. "

According to reports, this is the first time in ten years since debut that Zaizai will be acting in an ancient costume role. He said that before that he could not find a ancient costume role that he likes: "The Yang Saga is a story that I am familiar with. During the trying out of costumes, I was so surprised – I felt that I really look handsome." However, in the visual depiction released by the film company, Yang San Lang is like the “great change” version of the Elf Prince (Legolas) from "Lord of the Rings".

It was reported that the first time Zai Zai read the script for "Saving General Yang", he started to cry: "The seven sons would rather sacrifice themselves in order to protect their own brothers, I cry each time I read it (the script). "

Besides Zaizai, another son who was moved to tears was Wu Zun. He said that after reading the script, the one thing that he most wanted to do is to look for his family in Brunei, he can deeply feel the family love in the story.

This made the writer Edmond Wong very satisfied. He said that the original design of the story is to let the audience be moved to tears when they see each of the sons collapse, because the original story of the Yang Saga is actually a tragedy. The producer Raymond Wong added that, compared to "Ip Man 1 and 2," "Saving General Yang" will make the audience even more moved to tears. For this reason, he purposely invited his old partner back from Hollywood – director Ronny Yu of "Bride with White Hair," "Fearless", joining forces with Huayi Brothers, Henan Television Group, raising 170 million to film "Saving General Yang."

"Saving General Yang" first son Louis Koo had to retreat (from the film) due to foot injury, whether Raymond Wong’s wishes can come true will depend on the performance of Ekin Cheng and the other six shuai guys.

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