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Van Ness talks about latest album, hopes for F4 reunion

Written by: Pauli @

It has been three years since Taiwanese celebrity Van Ness Wu was last a guest on mainland Chinese program Top Chinese Music, but since that time the singer/actor has made huge strides in the entertainment industry. Following a string of successful acting roles and several album releases including his latest album C'est La V, Van Ness took the time on the show to talk introduce his recent album release and various tidbits behind the album.

Amongst the songs from Van Ness' latest album that he brought to the show was rhythmic song Is This All, where he was in a good mood to discuss the details on the album's production after just having celebrated his birthday on August 7th. One of the topics discussed was the inclusion of Grammy Award-winning American artist Bruno Mars for writing the song Knockin" for Van Ness, which is also in his latest album. In addition, Van Ness spent some time talking about close friend and fellow F4 bandmate Vic Chou's first time rapping for Van Ness' other album song Do It. For the recording of Do It, Van Ness remarked how he originally had the impression that Vic would not be that articulate prior to recording of his rap part for the song, but was proved wrong by Vic when he finished the recording under an hour and demonstrated a remarkable sense of rhythm.

Speaking of Vic, Van Ness admitted that he and the rest of the members of the famed F4 group regularly contact each other in the hopes that they can reunite again at the right time. The Taiwanese superstar also hoped that fans are supportive of his own work and development, and that their support is most valuable to him.

In addition to recording for the album, Van Ness also discussed how Chen Hui Ling, whom directed Van Ness in Taiwanese mega-hit drama Autumn's Concerto and also directed Van Ness' recent MV for album song Aiya, requested that he be reunited with former Autumn's Concerto co-star Ady An for the MV's adorable coupling.

Friends supporting of Van Ness remarked that Van Ness does not slack off when it comes to work, and once spent eighteen full hours dancing without a break in preparation for his latest album. Van Ness also admitted that the work of his album has been mentally brewing inside of him for a decade, and that he put 100% effort into it.

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