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F4 News Updates ...

Been busy for the past following weeks (will post another blog entry for this) ... Meanwhile here are some of the hottest news i've read recently ...

‘Kalayaan’ and more indie news

By Marinel Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:28:00 04/10/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Two Asian actors are on board for filmmaker Adolf Alix’s new project.

Taiwanese superstar Ken Chu, who starred in Alix’s film “Batanes,” has agreed to co-produce the director’s next movie, which is about the plight of Filipino soldiers assigned in the Spratly Islands.

“We were in Batanes when I talked to Ken about the concept. He got back to me recently and said he has convinced other Chinese producers to invest in the new film,” Alix told Inquirer Entertainment on Tuesday.

The film, titled “Kalayaan,” will star Lao-Australian actor Ananda Everingham in the lead role. He appeared in the 2004 horror film, “Shutter.”

“Kalayaan” also features Filipino actors Joem Bascon and Arnold Reyes.

“We are currently in the process of securing permits. We hope to start filming soon,” said Alix.

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So, this will be another project! Glad that Ken is still believes in Filipino Talents. Great choice in investing your money!hehehe

Jerry @ the Premiere of Director Niu Cheng Zhe's movie-/4/10/08

watch on-line:

posted by fatty2@

it was as said, Jerry was just on stage very briefly & then left, without saying anything. its at about minute 1.25.

Jerry's newest drama, Xing Xin Di Lei Guang
moonr3al @

Congratulations and Good luck to your new project. I guess you have to take a rest first before starting shooting ... You need to gain weight first!!!

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