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What's up with me?

After my one month break, Finally i was able to return for work. (clap, clap, clap!)
I am not yet on my working mood because my relatives are still here.

We still have one more celebration to come - our Town Fiesta on Friday.
Unfortunately, I don't know if i am still going to attend because i have work on that day (grrrr).

Luckily, last weekend I met my Retarded Sisters and had dinner @ Yellow Cab.

Wengvann and I were craving for pizzas longtime ago. hehehe.
We ordered Four Season Pizza, Charlie Chan Pasta and an Ice Cream (hehe)...

Yummy and Delicious .... I can't say anything right now coz i am still in Heaven =)

My dear sisters =)

Our Last ōrder =)

Reminiscin' .... I went to our province together with my relatives last week.
Had fun eating and drinking ..

The River is clean and safe. No sign of Alligators *hehe* Am going to SWIM!!!

I don't know how am i going to narrate everything that happened during the past few days.


I don't have enough photos (sigh). (hehehe!)

Anyways, Last Sunday - I still went out with my Uncle, Auntie and Cousin. We met at Trinoma Mall and had a Lunch at Marina. Before leaving the Mall, we had a late snacks at Conti's.

Old Brochure/Serendra Branch

I love their pastries. It was so good! Unfortunately i cannot order because i got sore throat. So, i just stare at their Ref and I told myself i will go back when I am fully recovered (hehe)

Instead, I ordered Baked Macaroni for early dinner /late snacks ...Sigh.

Mango Tart, I'll visit and eat you soon!

I received a SmS last Monday. I met my relatives at Mall of Asia. (no pictures again! haha!)
Had a Dinner...Stroll around the Mall...Went to Heritage Hotel ...Play Casino...(I LOST!) grrrr!!!
Wish i have more money (ooppps NO Gambling Please) hehehe. We tried it for fun and experience, ofcourse it was -sponsored! then stayed at the Lobby and took some rest and went home.

I don't know how am i going to organized this entry. I have no intentions of writing. I just went here to check my mailbox. I am so tried, Work is cruel. hehehe. But i Love Working.hehehe. Right now we are organizing our files for our website. Optimizing each every products and pages is not a healthy habit. Well, we have to do it because if not ...the site will not be working and will not go live and the company will kick out us again. (hahaha)

Till here. Sorry for poor grammar composition. I don't know where to start. LOL.

F4 Updates.
Got these from our site: (free plugging), thank you sisters for all your updates. Jia You!
-Information for upcoming F4 concert in Japan, Please visit your Official clubs for details.

-Ariel Lin and Zaizai's new cm, aren't they look good together? I wish they can pair in a drama or movie. Make a Wish

-Jerry's New Project, Wow. Keep it Up. Don't forget to take a rest. You're getting thinner once again. GRRRR!!!! Visit his Starjerry site, he updates his blog regularly. C-O-O-L..Am still craving for Bento.

-Vanness attended the Adidas cheering for Olympics event
-Where's Ken?????


Have a Nice Day to Everybody!!! Keep on Smiling =)

Pizza Craving Photos courtesy of sis Claire =)

Paging JerryKenRainie, Please proceed to Customer Service - Ground Floor.Thank You.

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