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Ken Chu Xiao Tian conquered two gold medals again in US competition

Ken Chu Xiao Tian conquered two gold medals again in US competition
Fistic martial arts is much more enjoyable than being F4

Source: TW Applies Daily
Date: April 26, 2008
Reported by: Peng Su Juan

Chu Xiao Tian has been learning Kung Fu for 3 years and rewarded with promising results. After winning Tai Chi Champion in Spain last year, he conquered the Championships in Tai Chi and Shuai Chiao again in a US competition couple days ago. Yesterday, calling oversea from the States, he expressed that even there is no prize or reward, he feels much happier than being F4. In fact, Kung Fu is what he truly earnest to advocate as his foremost life-time mission.

Yesterday, according to Chu Xiao Tian who is in US, he represents for the Chinese Kung Fu and Wrestling Association to take part in the 17th Annual Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships Competition held at Cleveland, Ohio, USA on April 19th. There were 40 participants, including westerners and Chinese. They were divided into different groups in respect to each specialty. The match proceeded 6 candidates in a group. He won two gold medals in Tai Chi and Shuai Chiao overtaking numerous professional competitors. He whooped gaily, "So happy! Here, no more F4 glory, no more stress as celebrity. During the competition, no one sees me as a star, nor any one will scornfully said artists are no big deal."

Practice cures Asthma

Last October, he took part in the 7th Chang Dong Sheng World Cup Tai Chi and Wrestling Tournament and won the Tai Chi Championship. This year, he will join the competitions in Taiyuan, Shanxi coming June and taking the challenges again in Spain coming August. In between being F4 and participating in Kung Fu competitions, which of them gives him a better sense of accomplishment? He said, "Being F4 is merely an instant pleasance. When cheers faded away, you are left with emptiness. Whereas, Kung Fu last for a life time. I intend to provoke it in future." Other than Martial Arts, Cooking is also his other talent. He straightly admitted, "These two are my life time favourites."

In the past, he suffered from overweight and water retention due to stress. He even teased that most of his organs are damaged. Now, he regained health by practicing Kung Fu. It even improves his Asthma problem. He, 180cm tall, reduced weight to 77kg. Being a Kung Fu expert, does it implied that F4 no longer need body guards? He chuckled, "Speaking of a normal size man (that is 170cm tall and weight 70kg), I can manage 2 to 3 without any problem. However, Kung Fu learners do not voluntarily take the moves because that may cause too much harm."

Fans worried that he would give up as F4 because of Kung Fu. He replied, "As long as the audience desire, F4 will always be there." Being F4, it earns money. Nevertheless, invest time in joining various competitions are rewardless. He smiley said, "I have no worries! It shouldn't be a problem even I have to rely on Kung Fu to make a living."

Studied Kung Fu for 3 years. Practices 6 days a week

Coaching teachers:
Taichi teacher, Lin Wen Xiong. !
Shuai Chiao (Wrestling) teacher, Chang Da Wei

Experience: 3 years

Weekly Practice:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday practice Taichi (Half-day each time)
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday practice Shuai Chiao (Wrestling)
Practice arena: Training at Police Academy with colleagues

Achievements from competitions:
Taichi Champion from Spain last October.
Taichi and Shuai Chiao (Wrestling) Championships from USA this month.

Translated By: weiwei of

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