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Weekend with Cousins =)

Just want to share our weekend photo together with my lovely cousins. It's been years since we haven't seen each other. Finally, we got a chance to be together again. It was so nice seeing them - looking good and happy. Though all of us right now have "different lives" still we managed to communicate and express ourselves ... Till we see each other soon, Maybe in my "future wedding" hahaha! I have to look for a groom first. =) Mitch

PS: I am so busy right now and i didn't noticed that it's already April. The other day, my brother sent an email saying that he will sponsor a new laptop when you leave comment on his page. Till i realized it was April 1! hahaha. Gotcha. I cannot open anything not related to WORK so that's why i am here, seating in an internet cafe ...and sleepy.

What's up with F4? I've read the Japan concert details was out. Oh well, goodluck to all who'll be watching. I'll be much happier if i am going to see one of them --soon. I need to exert more effort .... am so tired lately. My mind is blowing up --brain drained----!!!!!

I'll share some of our wedding party photos this weekend.

From Left to Right: Ate Cel, Mitch, Anne, Perlyn, Mylin
Taken last saturday,
Wedding Reception: Chris&Aple Wedding March 29, Sampaloc, Quezon

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