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Am i going to keep you f4ever?

Am i going to keep you f4ever?

That's a one million dollar question.

I almost FORGOT the most significant date in my f4 fan-girling.

"May 25" - the birthdate of daomisyel. hahaha. Yes you read it. I remembered we created our F4_Phils Yahoogroups last May 25, 2003 weeks after Meteor Garden and decided to use "daomisyel as my pen name". Been so busy lately i forgot to greet some of my friends whom i still considered and kept as "sisters."

To all the people that I've met during those times --- Thank You for being part of our group.
However, I decided to lock up this forum and move to a new site. That's right. We ARE STILL ALIVE.

F4 Fever is still GETTING Higher. F4 is now growing up. Expenses are getting high too. LOL. (JOKE).

Anyways, don't forget to visit our site for more updates of F4.F4.F4. Nothing else but F4.

Always Open like 7-11. hehehe.


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