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Zhu Xiaotian Said He Already Won Being Nominated As Best Supporting Actor For HUndred Flowers Award

The most artistic among F4, Zhu Xiaotian is nominated as Best Supporting Actor for "Tokyo Trial" at the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award. Zhu Xiao Tian on the phone line in Taipei said modestly to the reporters, "being in competition with veteran actors with hard background and who are already mentors like Bao Guo Chen, Zheng Xu, and together with talented Jay Chou, I think I already won being included with them

Jerry Updated his blog

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu earned 7 figures by trying to eat 10 kinds of cold noodles

7-Eleven announced yesterday Yan Cheng Xu, the number one Taiwan idol as their new spokesman for the fresh food products for this year. Yanchengxu first task is to sell the cold noodles.


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