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Zhu Xiaotian Said He Already Won Being Nominated As Best Supporting Actor For HUndred Flowers Award

The most artistic among F4, Zhu Xiaotian is nominated as Best Supporting Actor for "Tokyo Trial" at the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award. Zhu Xiao Tian on the phone line in Taipei said modestly to the reporters, "being in competition with veteran actors with hard background and who are already mentors like Bao Guo Chen, Zheng Xu, and together with talented Jay Chou, I think I already won being included with them. "

Zhu Xiao Tian Plays Xiao Nan In Tokyo Trial

With idol drama "Meteor Garden",Zhu Xiaotian in Taiwan has gained alot of followings and the youthful drama has started his introduction to mainland market. "Tokyo Trial" is an excellent opportunity to this talented young man to make it from where he has began. "Film and TV dramas are really very different, when meeting the crew, I am very worried and pressured that I would mishandle the main theme of the film, and performing with Liu Songren , Eric tsang, Kenneth Tsang who are my mentors, taught me a lot. I suddenly understand that being with the old actors is all about acting, no matter what type of roles they play, they are so natural at it, no matter how hard it can be. "

Zhu Xiaotian was recently in the United States , won Shuaichao and Taijiquan championships, reporters asked him if he would be diverting his focus in life. Zhu Xiaotian claimed that martial arts is at present the love of his life, but he still would not give up showbusiness, it seems that he has adjusted to the idea that life and career can be very complementary.

He told reporters he loves making movies very much, actually there are alot of scripts at hand, but because of the film "Tokyo Trial", he is very careful in making film choices. In September, F4 will have a reunion concert, Zhu Xiao Tian will then be very busy. But we all look forward to seeing him soon, whether in music or films.

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2008-05-07 18:30
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