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ZaiZai defended Joe Cheng

ZaiZai defended Joe Cheng

The action scene in [Ruffian Hero] has breaks all the level in the history of idol series. Yesterday director Cai Yue Xun, [ZaiZai] Victor Chou and KaohSiung’s mayor Chen Chu have make a high-profile appearance for their first press conference at ShinKuan Water Park. The leading actress of the series Janine Chang, Ivy Chen Yi Han were making their apperances by [riding] horses.

When ZaiZai was asked about Zheng Yuan Chang previously making ratings comparison between the new series [H and C] and [WTSYA] and leading the media to believe that this is because ZaiZai was the ex-boyfriend of Xiao Zhong’s best friend, Hsu Wei Lun. On the contrary, ZaiZai is defending for Xiao Zhong and said his words are not offending at all; people just maximize the whole aforesaid situation. ZaiZai even teased the female lead of the both series, Janine Chang, to be a double crosser; and even said her hairstyle makes her look like a village girl, making her feeling very awkward. About the previous incident was because of his late good friend Hsu Wei Lun, Xiao Zhong said everyone has been thinking too much about it.

Source : Mingpau, 26-5-2008
Thank : peach for translation
thanks to asianfanatics

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