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F3's Messages to Vanness (Day Dreamer)

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Vanness, no, it should be Van Ness. I don't quite understand the difference between them. Who cares! He is still the person I'm acquainted with, my first friend in F4. V's autobiography interests me a great deal. Like all who know him as he is, I'm interested in his past as well. What sort of past and what sort of education have contributed and made V now equipped with such persevere and easy-going personality.
I always regard him as an artist who has come well-prepared with what it takes to be one. Although I'm not very talkative, he has chatted with me sharing much of his past and family situation. When we were the spokespersons for Lillo & Stitch and during a concert tour, I visited his family and saw some of his photos. He was fat in the photos. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing particular in my mentioning this. It's just that it's very difficult to make a connection between the guy in the photos and the guy now with such a beautiful body. This just shows you how strong his willpower is. This alone is a worthy lesson for all of us to learn from. (a smiling face drawn here by Zai) This book serves as a catalog recording his life journey. By reading this book, you no longer need to buy any gossip book.
I think no gossip books can be more sensational than what he has revealed in his own book. I'll cherish the book and also recommend it to people around me. May Van Ness always remain as happy, enthusiastic, humorous, and dedicated as when he just first started. Jia You! Brother.


-- [Artist] Zhou Yu Min

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