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Meet my Sanrio Friends and New addition to retarded family =)

Last Saturday, August 9. SM Megamall had a fun event "Meet and Greet" your Sanrio Friends. Since I am an avid fan of Sanrio I went to the exhibit and saw many goodies ... A cute Hello Kitty Cheerleader statue was standing @ the centerstage.

In order to take a photo opt, you have to buy worth P50 of goodies equivalent to one ticket. Not bad! So i SMS the retardeds to meet me to have our group photo opt.

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I hope there'll be more Sanrio Events like this.

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Welcome - New Addition to our Retarded Family ..Welcome, Marigel =)
So happy that our family is continuously growing. F4 forever!! LOL.

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Sisters went to Serendra ... to have a mini-celebration.

We had dinner @ brothers burger and bought a cake from Conti's.

that was strawberry shortcake...i love it. not that sweet.not that sour.the taste is perfect!

and ate everything....soooo yummmy!

PS: the work is torturing me everyday. I mean, i have to do an extra tasks after finishing mine's. anyways, last friday .... finally my officemates and i had a chance to unwind and share wonderful moments together. sigh, i miss some of them who already transferred to another company. am wishing to have a chance to be with them once more. our work is on shifting schedule so i have friends from all shifts since i had been transferred like a bouncing ball to one shift to another. hope this will be my final shift...before the year ends. hahahaha!!!

but it's ok. whenever i go home or wake up in the morning (esp during mondays)...this is what am doing...watching HOT SHOT every now and then..downloading each episodes, chatting to my friends, and staring at this super-hotness photo of DFX ...

well i wish everyday is a weekend, plus i wish everyday is a pay day! hahaha!

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