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For Clarification -

For Clarification

1. I don't own this forum. The forum is under - We are here to exchange topics, ideas, comments, on F4 and etc.

2. Links - OBVIOUSLY I DON'T OWN it personally. Drama Serials are copyrighted and owned by the respective networks. And nobody owns it since it was just in downloaded form. Links should be protected by "filtering" it and send by requests. You may free to go to other forums if you want to. And nobody is stopping you to find some other resources.

3. This is a friendly forum - If you think this is not a perfect place for you, then feel
free to leave the forum. Look another one that will makes you happy. If you are not happy here -- why stay? ...aren't we friendly enough thinking that we made all possible resources available to everybody? Think Again.

4. Am not a POWER tripping person - Of course am one of the admins of this community. In any forums, there is also one or more than two admins who take control of it. Di mahirap na gawain ito thinking that most of us do also work and have our own lives.

5. Selfishness - Am not selfish. Am doing my job. Look what have these "giant" companies do to youtube users - they banned the links. We are protecting our forum, yourselves and most specially our people. If we found out that the links were distributed everywhere and if found pointing to us ---who to blame? you? of course, not. it's US! Think Again.

6. Let us continue spreading the love for F4. We started creating this place for us
(retardeds) and lately realized we should share it to others. Where is selfishness, huh?

7. Originality - Our group was formed since 2003 when Meteor Garden was started. We started at Yahoogroups then decided to create a community here in Multiply. So we belonged originally from F4 International Yahoogroups till we landed on Plain as simple. Group is well-established and most survived forum.

8. A big Thank You - Just want to say Thank you for your undying support. Let us forget what happened and start a brand new day.

To all people who participated, contributed, replied, commented, visited, lurked,
spying.... Thank You.

To my friends who keep on believing ... Mahal ko kayo.

=) We all stick together. Ika nga, di tayo matitibag kasi ----di tayo bato! hahahaha!!!


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