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Vanness Daydreamer autograph session news

At F4's Vanness Daydreamer autograph session, Aisha especially brought along medicinal liquor to the event for Vann who has been busy promoting his new book to build up his health. She also wished great sales for his new book and success to his concerts.

It has been 1 year since Vanness last autograph session in Taiwan. At today's autograph session, besides Taiwan fans there were also fans from Japan, Korea and so on. Vann felt very touched that there were still so many fans despite the hot weather.

Besides promotion activities for his new book, Vann has been busy preparing his movie collaboration with Jimmy Hung, as well as working out preparing for F4's October concert.

Vanness revealed at the autograph session, during high school he wrote a poem to a Persian girl. Coz she was very attractive, he wrote a poem and mustered his courage and seeked his friend to pass it to the girl. 4,5 years later, he met the girl again. As to whether does he wish to meet her again, Vann replied he'll leave it to God.

Regarding the recent negative media reports about his "agreement" with God and paparazzi following him. However, Vann stands firm on his religion, and does not open his heart to any girls. He hopes the media would place the focus on his work performance instead.

Many of his showbiz friends wrote foreword in his new book, including his ex-girlfriend Vivian Hsu. Vanness said, as his friends are all very busy he didn't expect everyone to write and wrote interesting stuff. But as he could not read chinese, he asked his agent to translate to him.

Daydreamer records his life in Taiwan, having photos of him when he was young and plumb, during his teens and when F4 was just formed.

Source: 16.08.08 article/url/ d/a/080816/ 5/1482y.html
credit to michi of onlyf4

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