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VanNess Wu takes it off for the 7th time on Autumn's Concerto

Source : Appledaily TW, UDN, Liberty Times
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Van Ness Wu made it to the front page of the entertainment section by simply having his shirt off. As per last week's preview, Van Ness will be showing off his hot body again on this Sunday's episode of Autumn's Concerto. This will mark the seventh time he has been half-naked on the show. The hours he spends at the gym are definitely not wasted as each time has brought in some very impressive ratings. For those who missed the last episode, his and Ady An's characters are living under same roof again after their shot-gun marriage. The preview showed Van Ness, covered by only a towel, in bed with his co-star. We'll have to wait till Sunday to see what happens next. In the meantime, the always thoughtful Appledaily has compiled a list of great Van Ness's naked moments.

Van Ness has originally shot a shower scene for the first episode of Autumn's Concerto but it was cut from the show. The clip eventually aired as part of the behind the scenes footage, allowing fans to get a close up on his chest and six-pack. Other highlights featuring Van Ness's body includes his previous bed scene with Ady An in episode 5, his shower scene following his operation, his boxing scene as a form of anger management, his bath scene with Xiao Xiao Bin, and his putting-a-shirt-on scene prior to his wedding. The highest rating (among the above mentioned scenes) came when he and Xiao Xiao Bin had a bubble bath together. The naked duo combined to achieve a rating of 6.14%. Some Netizens on PTT even commented that the more Van Ness reveals the better.

Van Ness follows a pretty tough regimen to keep his 180 CM/72 KG frame sizzling HOT!! Check out his routine here:

He hits the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour; spends 1/2 an hour running and 1/2 an hour on weights.
He swims 3 times a week for 1 hour each.
He practices some abs training exercise at home when he has a busy schedule.

No carbohydrates; his meals consist of meat, vegetables, and fruits.
He eats 8 egg whites a day.

He drinks mostly water, and stays away from other beverages.

Info provided by Van Ness Wu's management company.

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