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Vic Zhou Beats Jerry Yan in Becoming Taiwan Most Handsome Guy

The Taiwanese media recently conducted a voting event to vote for the five most handsome guys in Taiwan. Vic Zhou came in first with a total of 13,989 votes, beating first runner-up Jerry Yan, who obtained a total of 8813 votes. Following behind Jerry Yan are Ethan Ruan, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Mark Zhao respectively.

Through the entire voting event from the 7th to 21st December, the competition between Vic and Jerry was the most intense, but they are actually on very good terms in private.

Jerry's manager, Fenny, said, "Since Jerry and Vic are 'brothers', whoever wins the voting is the same. Jerry would like to express his thanks to his fans and also to those who voted for him."

Although these voting events are often carried out with fans sending in their votes through various accounts, however, this particular event has brought about a new issue of fans setting up anonymous accounts and made use of systematic methods that allows for automatic voting through different IP addresses. This has thus distorted the entire system, causing the actual number of votes to be of great difference as compared to the values shown on the website.

Thus, after clearing away the "artificial" votes by the webpage's management, out of 29,384 votes casted in total, Vic Zhou emerged the overall winner with a vote count of 13,989. Ethan Ruan, who has the least number of artificial votes emerged as the second runner-up with a total of 3500 votes. Kaneshiro Takeshi came in fourth with a total of 3033 votes, while Mark Zhao despite being fifth in place, had only 49 votes.

With regards to this event, Ethan said, "I'm aware of this event, but I didn't dare to view the webpage, as I don't want it to affect my mood." He also thank his fans from all over for their support.

Having known Mark through their partnership in MONGA, Ethan supports Mark, saying, "He will be with me for the next 20 years. This event is for a particular moment. No one is sure who will win or lose over the next 20 years."

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