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The Top 10 Newsmakers of 2009


7. Vic Zhou & Mark Chao

What happens when you put two good-looking, hot-blooded guys together? Apart from speculations if either or both are batting for the same side, there’s also the old-fashioned assumption that they could be the best of (straight) friends or the worst of enemies. Despite their onscreen roles as buddies in the hit Taiwanese drama series Black & White, it seems like the relationship between Vic Zhou and Mark Chao off the set is anything but. The former started out as a teen idol who only recently finally managed to break out of the mould to make his mark as a credible actor, while the latter is a new kid on the block face who’s already got his share of the spotlight and recognition. Both men were nominated for ‘Best Actor Award’ at the recent Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards, which eventually went to Mark. Even before the winner was announced, Vic did not join his fellow cast and crew members on the red carpet and was later quoted saying that the votes were rigged after his co-star won. And with a movie sequel trapped in development hell, it only means more room for rife. Already the rumours are going around that Vic will not be featured in the flick, so it seems like audiences won’t be seeing a reunion between the two heroes.

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