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Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan vs. Takuya Kimura; new Sunday idol drama battle begins!

Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan vs. Takuya Kimura; new Sunday idol drama battle begins!

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

In 2010, FTV returns to the Sunday night idol drama battle. Next year in January, Takuya Kimura’s Japanese drama will battle against ratings champion SETTV’s ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ & GTV’s ‘Down With Love’. The battle between Asia King Takuya Kimura and F2’s Vanness Wu & Jerry Yan is receiving a lot of attention.

Vanness Wu disappeared from Taiwan's idol drama industry for some time. This time, he successfully threw away his idol baggage, playing the role of a single father in ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ and his acting has received affirmation. The night before yesterday, ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings reached another new high of 6.64% and online netizens expressed that back in the F4 days, they didn’t feel that Vanness had any breakthroughs, but now everyone is in love with him, and even thinks that he has the best acting skills amongst F4.

Yesterday, ‘Down With Love’ released its official poster where Ella wears a long wedding dress, while leaning against Jerry Yan, and it looked very happy & sweet. However, Ella didn’t have any wishes about marriage. She said that marriage seems very troublesome, and in the future, she may choose to have a civil marriage.

Takuya Kimura entered the industry in 1991, and to date he has been popular for 18 years, and also has many fans in Taiwan. FTV has chosen his drama ‘Karei-naru Ichizoku’ as the number one gun in the new battlefield. The story is set a hundred years after the Meiji Restoration and Japan undergoes a series of reforms in the finance system. Takuya Kimura plays an ambitious young man, striving for a better future, but his non-biological father eventually pushes him into suicide. The drama was broadcasted in Japan in 2007 and ratings broke 30%. Some of the scenes in the drama were also filmed in the Head Office in the Bank Of Taiwan.

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