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Sep. 10 2010 Apple Daily - F4 Reunion - CCTV 2011 Spring Festival Gala Invites F4 On the 10th anniversary of F4

CCTV Spring Festival Gala is reportedly working on reuniting F4 on stage for its 10 billion audiences. There are also reportedly similar talks among the fans in Taiwan and all around Asia to push for a F4 concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Taiwanese 80s popular boys’ band - Little Tiger’s (Nicky Wu, Alec Su and Julian Chen) received very positive response at last year’s gala. The program now targets another Taiwanese group F4 on the group’s 10th anniversary. The timing seems perfect. F4’s agents didn’t deny the report yesterday. However details still need to be worked out. The agents are reportedly back in Taiwan to work out the scheduling. It is said that Vic Chou, Van Ness Wu and Ken Chu are all happy to see the deal go through. However the most difficult one to schedule will be Jerry Yan who has been having health issues. This will increases the uncertainty of the deal. Vic Chou is currently shooting “Returning Home”. Van Ness Wu will start shooting “Material Queen”.

Ken Chu wrote a song that is said to mark the closure of his relationship with actress Kelly Lin. F4 – Then and now
Jerry Yan ~ then a hunk on screen but a shy boy in private, now having health issues due to work related stress Van Ness Wu ~ then believing in easy life, now a devoted Christian
Vic Chou ~ then had difficulties in pronunciation, now fighting depression
Ken Chu ~ then over cocky, now active in stage shows and weird blogs

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