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Vic Chou studying Japanese for latest drama role as doctor

Written by: Pauli on 9/19/2010 @

After declining the chance to continue his role for the movie version of previous hit drama "Black & White", and losing out on the lead role for the production-troubled "Killer Never Kills", things are looking bright again with production beginning for Vic Chou's latest drama "Returning Home / Pacific 1949".

In Vic's latest drama, he will play a Taiwanese-Japanese military doctor during the tumultous East Asian conflicts of the mid-20th century. According to reports, the singer-turned-actor will shorten his idol haircut even more to fall in line with the military hair style required for the role. Vic hopes that his latest acting role will once again bring redemption to his acting ambition.

Since the completion of hit Taiwanese police drama "Black & White", Vic vowed not to do purely romantic idol dramas, and has only filmed for the Chinese movie "Love you Ten Thousand Years" within the past half year. To further his commitment for the drama "Returning Home", Vic has declined roles for approximately twenty dramas from both mainland China and Taiwan.

Vic's role as a medical doctor in his latest drama required knowledge of the practices performed by Japanese military doctors during the mid-20th century. In order to fully capture the accuracy of the role, the film crew arranged training for Vic in the use of medical equipment such as stethoscopes and scapels. Furthermore, Vic has been studying up Japanese in order to portray the fluency of Japanese by Taiwanese whom were drafted into the Japanese military during the time period.

Source: UDN

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