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Ken Chu vs. Jerry fans, Vic Chou afraid to get involved

Posted 27/09/10

Source: UDN
Written by: Zahra @

As some may have already heard, Ken Chu is embroiled, once again, in a fight against Jerry Yan fans. A few nights ago, Ken decided to provoke Jerry fans on his Weibo*, causing them to retaliate back. When asked about this subject at his Pert shampoo activity, Vic Chou was very hesitant to step into the mess and only hurriedly replied, "I don't even dare to pick up their phone calls. It's best to avoid communication."

However, when he heard from reporters that Ken had described Jerry fans as "Evil Spirits" and even wrote "May the Heart Sutra bring salvation to you," inciting the fans, Vic could not help but laugh out loud. "That would be Ken. If he didn't do that, he wouldn't be Ken Chu. He has always been the most daring speaker out of all of us, his speech is quite extreme, and he is brave enough to accept outside criticism."

Vic stated that he was not a member of Weibo, so he would most likely not go online to look at the comments. However, a friend has sent him things regarding Ken versus Jerry fans, "(I) have only seen an incomplete picture, (I) am not sure under what circumstances he wrote it in." He said that the private relationship between Ken and Jerry wasn't bad before, that for something like this to happen was also in accordance with Ken's personality. Vic also revealed that Ken has scolded him in front of the cameras before, but said, "These things can't hurt me because a friend wouldn't care and will only believe that he is just joking."

As for Ken describing Jerry as very shrewd, Vic thought about it for awhile before saying, "(He) could consider his terminology again, being deciphered as something else by others isn't a good thing."

This year marks the tenth year of the formation of F4, and many outsider wish for them to come together once again. When he was asked about his views on Jerry dropping out of "Material Queen" and having Van Ness Wu picking it up afterward, Vic widened his eyes and said, "We are all in different companies now, I can't speak for them. They probably have their own thoughts on it."

Vic does not deny that he is still battling depression, and still regularly sees a psychologist. He says, "Not seeing a doctor when you are sick will cause it to worsen. I am revealing this because I wish for everyone to have the correct idea." He emphasized that he was currently very normal and has started shooting for the TV series "Return Home 回家" that was originally slated to start shooting at the end of last year.

*Weibo is the name of a Chinese micro-blog, a combination of a blog and twitter.

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