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Jerry Yan steals Vanness Wu's limelight

F4 hunk overshadows fellow boyband member with his sudden appearance at drama's press conference

One pretty boy steps down, in comes another.

Days earlier, Taiwanese idol drama Material Queen found itself in a dire state when original male lead Jerry Yan pulled out from the show, citing scheduling conflicts.

However, the crisis was quickly solved when fellow ex-boy band F4 member Vanness Wu stepped up to accept the role.

At the press conference yesterday, however, Jerry Yan surprised the crew when he made a sudden appearance, stirring media frenzy.

Clad in casual clothes, the strapping hunk made a speedy exit after presenting a bouquet of flower and accepting a photo-call.

Looking scruffy, the star expressed his regrets on declining the role at the last minute, "Because of my weak health, I'd have to pass on the chance to work with a good crew, it's such a pity."

According to reports, a hefty TWD 120,000,000 (SGD 6,000,000) has been invested in the production of Material Queen.

In the drama, Vanness Wu plays the role of a violinist from a humble background, acting alongside supermodel Lynn Hung.

Vanness also appeared to have no qualms about replacing his good buddy Jerry's role in Material Queen.

"I've always wanted to act (in this drama), but I didn't insist on it. Perhaps God heard my wish, it's all fate," he said.

The devout Christian also had no problems with co-star Lynn who stands at 1.79m.

"Even Jay Chou dared to act with Lin Chi-ling, what should I be afraid of?" he laughed.

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