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Buy nephew as son? ZaiZai wants to be an instant dad

Buy nephew as son? ZaiZai wants to be an instant dad

Actually, Zai hopes to be a dad very much, but he doesn't want to force Da S to give birth. So he has ideas on his brother: "Can u give your son to me for $200,000? "
Everyone was stunned after hearing. Zai continued to joke: "After all, the baby have big eyes, sharp nose, takes after me."

There have been ongoing rumours of him and Da S breaking up, reason being Da S wants to get married and have baby whereas Zai is career minded. Yesterday, Zai replied that Da S has explained abt the matter many times but they realised no one listens. This explanation indirectly confirmed that their relationship is still as strong, juz that they dun have current plans to get married.

Zai said both himself and Da S are busy with work and don't have the time to get married, not to say having kids.
Lately, Zai became an uncle coz his older brother who is older by 1 year juz had a son. The baby is now 2 months old and as his brother and sister in law are both working, the baby is looked after by Zai's mum. Zai laughed and said, it's very tiring looking are kids, at times even his mum couldn't take it. There was once she suddenly went out to play mahjong to take a breather.

Source: udnstars 15.08.2007
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