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Endorsing for Taiwan, Zai: "I'm Chinese"

Endorsing for Taiwan, Zai: "I'm Chinese"

There was a controversy when F4 refer Taiwan as a "country" when they visited Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan tourism in April this year. Yesterday, Zai broke the silence and responsed to the issue: "I'm proud to be a Chinese! We have yellow skin, black hair and have the same roots. Artises should not be equated with politics."

Yesterday, during spare time while filming Taiwan Tourism Drama he explained some issues which included the slip of the tongue "country" issue, and also accusations of him trying to avoid national service.

Abt F4 calling Taiwan a country, it's normal for Taiwanese. But it offended some China websters and even said they'll boycott F4.
Zai expressed: "Only now that i realized it's seriousness, but the 4 of us place our work as top priority, not wanting to be associated with politics." Their manager Yao Yi Jun said, even Taiwan politians may not be able to explain clearly abt China-Taiwan issue.

And as for sayings about him avoiding national service in order to maintain his career and love relationship, Zai said he has dropped out of school, and will not transfer to another school. as he is too busy with work, he has not received enough credits. Therefore, he put his education on hold for the moment. If he is afraid of national service, he would not have stopped schooling.

Yesterday, Zai sheded his prince-like image, dressed in checkered shirt and drove a taxi. But as the camera as placed on the vehicle, blocking his view, and almost caused an accident.
Passengers at the back seat are Qu Zhong Heng and Huang Pei Qi who are making guest appearance. Both of them were kissing passionately. Taxi driver Zai smiled embarrassingly and occasionally glanced in the rearview mirror.

Source: 15.08.2007
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