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F4 calls Taiwan a country, angers net citizens in China.

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F4 calls Taiwan a country, angers net citizens in China.

China Press
August 7, 2007

Because of one comment made by Yang Cheng Lin about the war resistance some four years ago they have been bashing her non-stop. The other day, they pointed their fingers at F4, they have pointed their fingers at Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Jian Hao and Zhou Yu Min for their introduction speech they gave on Taiwan in Japan and Korea. They called Taiwan a “country.” The anger of net citizens was directed at the 3 members because they weren’t mindful of the international repercussions of their actions. Zhu Xiao Tian is exempt from this issue.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited F4 as their spokesperson for their popularity and unending glamour and charm. Last March, the 4 of them became ambassadors of tourism for Japan and Korea and were given the big task of promoting tourism for Taiwan. During the last meet and greet they were very careful, Yang Cheng Xu was very nervous and kept a straight face.

The fans from Japan and Korea gave an enthusiastic response on their invitation, the assignments given to them were considered to be a success but lately it seems to have been having a reverse effect. The other day Chinese net citizens have been rehashing what happened and have been hitting on the speeches of Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Jian Hao and Zhou Yu Min. Pointing out what Yan Cheng Xu said: “I think our country is a capable country. Wu Jian Hao said: “I feel Taiwan is a passionate country.” Zai Zai also said: “ I really feel Taiwan is a passionate country.”

Compared to Yang Cheng Lin it’s a bit exaggerated.

The Chinese net citizens aimed their anger at the three members and were indignant that they have called Taiwan a “country.” The manager of Yan Cheng Xu has this to say: “ Taiwan, China, Japan are all important. This happened over 6 months ago how come you are only talking about this now?"

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