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Credit AMY @ VIFC FOR the translation

Shaolin held a important event days ago. Invited guests for the event were being selected personally by shaolin’s ‘Fang Zhang’ (The main Master). This year, he had exclusively invited the only entertainment celebrity cum Shaolin disciple, Wu Jian Hao to this event. When Wu Jian Hao knew he was invited, he felt honored and happy. This is mainly due to he can get to meet the main Master again and also other Shaolin disciples, also he can make use of this opportunity to revise what he had learned in Shaolin for both martial arts and the studies, so he had specially asked for leave grant from his current workteam to join 3-day event.

As soon as Wu Jian Hao reached Shaolin, the main Master immediately invited him to a nearly 2-hour chat. The main topics that they had chatted were revolving on welcoming Wu Jian Hao that he was able to attend this special 3-day event, the Master was also concerned about Wu Jian Hao recent on goings such as, his work, health and life. The Master also gave Wu Jian Hao some advise and directions. Wu Jian Hao also expressed that, he was thankful for what the Master had done for him, he promised no matter how busy he will be with work, he will make a trip there annually at least once. The interesting thing was, other disciples told Wu Jian Hao in private that, the Master had never talk that much to the disciples in a year compared to what he had talk to Wu Jian Hao! That just showed how much the Master favored Wu Jian Hao, treating him better! After the chatting session with the Master, Wu Jian Hao began his involvement for the event, such as, the opening ceremony of the event, relating talks, art gallery event, visiting the Shaolin founded orphanage, practicing martial arts sessions at Shaolin, etc. From attending all these various activities and events, Wu Jian Hao had better understanding and new discoveries.

During the sessions where Wu Jian Hao need to revise and show his martial arts skills, he impressed the fellow Shaolin disciples as it had been quite a while since Wu Jian Hao had completed his training at Shaolin (about 3 years ago), yet he can still remembered the steps and movements of 2 types of martial arts that was taught to him before and he still did them so well, making the Shaolin disciples praising him gifted (talented?).

Apart from that, Wu Jian Hao also climbed the famous ‘Shaolin Hao Han Ding’ (meaning if you are able to climb to that top, considered a hero, a MAN). That was his 2nd attempt. The spot had that name is mainly due to, as the route to the destination is full of curves and obstacles, it is located at half way of a mountain with two hundred over steps leading to it from the bottom of the mountain. To be able to reach the spot at one ‘breathe’ is not a easy task, a lot of people who tried to attempt to do so mostly gave up half way through. It is also a spot compulsory for each new Shaolin disciple to reach before they can be officially considered a true Shaolin disciple. In this 2nd attempt, Wu Jian Hao had even broke his own record, the previous time when he went through this, he need to spend nearly one hour to reach the spot but this time, he only needed 40 minutes, leaving his companions far behind him! He even wanted to challenge his fellow Shaolin disciples to reach the spot within 30 minutes next time round. His fellow Shaolin disciples then said to him, they spend a few years to train to get such result and hope Wu Jian Hao will not succeed so fast on his latest challenge or else the Master will think they are lazy to improve themselves, making Wu Jian Hao jokingly told him, he will not tell the Master on this should he successfully meet his targeted time next time.

Apart from Shaolin’s main events, Wu Jian Hao had also participated in Charity event relating to Shaolin founded orphanage. When he found out Shaolin had this Charity plan to help raise funds for the orphans, he immediately expressed he wanted to go visit the children at the orphanage, besides, singing and dancing with them, he even gave everyone of them an English name and gave them lessons in learning simple English. Witnessing these children living in such bad conditions and environment, he volunteer to purchase a painting drawn by a Master from another Monestary at 100,000 Renminbi and the proceeds will be donated to the funds for the orphanage. When the Shaolin Master knew about this, he personally called up Wu Jian Hao to praise on his good deed and both even in talks to hold a Charity concert, hoping to be able to fulfill the plans in the quickest time possible.

Thanks also to juju at VIFC

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