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Ming Dao, Ken Chu fighting for more scenes

Ming Dao, Ken Chu fighting for more scenes. Producer: Don't act if still quarrel

Ken Chu and Ming Dao To quarrel due to a China drama "Chiv, Sword, Laugh (The Three Swordsmen)" . Yesterday producer Muxiaoguang could not help saying : "To fight to the other side with the mainland actors, rather than fighting inside closed doors themselves. Too narrow perspective, this will make outsiders look as a joke!"

"Chiv, Sword, Laugh," moive version was filmed by Andy Lau, Lin Ching-hsia and Xu Jin Jiang. The television version caused great sensation even before shooting. The original three leading men were Nicholas Tse, Ken Chu and Ming Dao. Tse later refused the drama due to his wife Cecilia Cheung gave birth to their baby. Then the war between Ken and Ming Dao staged. From the character, reward, circumstance to facility eqipped with, all become life-and-death wars. Once it is heard that producer Muxiaoguang is having "revolutionary sentiment" with Ken due to Chuliuxiang. He said to Ming Dao's agent that : "I only support Ken!" Then, there was news that Ming Dao has been kicked out from the drama.
Yesterday Muxiaoguang attended the movie "Contract Lover" premiere in Hong Kong, he sighed : "After I go to the mainland for filming, as long as there is Taiwan actor/ actress, I must give them suites, assistants and private business cars. But now if someone quarrel for whom earn 5000 more, whom has less car, I might simply change the roles into three mainland actors at the end. "
Muxiaoguang said, he spent money on the production. He paid reasonably for actor/ actress. The paid for 3 leading role in "Chiv, Sword, Laugh" are almost the same. Now, he needs one leading actor and wants to choose amongst Dylan Guo, Wallace Huo or Show Luo.

Ken's manager Mr. Chih also agreed to "muzzle external" theory. He is very confident about Ken's overseas advantages, absolutely the top priority of the production team. "I can take less money ah, but who is ranking ahead, we know it very well." He even denied the discords with Ming Dao's agent. And Ming Dao's agent trusts the sincerity of Muxiaoguang and doesn't care about this "saliva war". The other agent Xiang said that Ming Dao is popular in the mainland has become the fact.

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