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Immediate Action for F4 3rd album (TW version)

Posted by Angelvanness
For orders Through Certified VannAddicts

Please PM me or Mari~ before Dec.20

or Please Text us:

Mari~ -+639272446542
angelvanness- +639163864436

or email us @

Alice of VIFC sends their apology for the very short notice for F4 Album Pre-order.

Keep the WU Spirit Alive~
Keep F4/JVKV Alive~

Place your order now...


[Hong Kong and overseas regions] F4 album Taiwan version??activities Preorder taking for F4 3rd album (TW version)

[Hong Kong and overseas regions] F4 album Waiting For You Taiwan version of pre-activities groups

A pre-purpose

F4 new album [Waiting For You - and purchased by the Taiwan version of the "Taiwan favorite???family", "Vanness Wu international backing", "???international exclusive backing", "??dynamic alliance" fully organized. (Backup will be priorities under the four-aged from big to small order)

We hope to set the whole of Asia and even the whole world of F4 fans to specific pre-action to express our F4 support for F4 missed music scene five years of the new album can be out success!

Second, the duration of the event

Now open for enrollment pre - and, in parallel, to collect the payment of the work.
Deadline is at 18:00 on December 20, 2007.

Third, Hong Kong and the amount of overseas remittances

(1) HK 100 yuan / album (Taipei delivery. For mail, postage another proposed by their districts.)
(2) HK 110 yuan / album (Hong Kong delivery. No postal service.)

Fourth, Hong Kong and overseas remittance bank account

Bank: Bank of China
Account :012-880-1-053348-9
Username: Hung Yuen Yu Yu Suk Chong Alice &

5, participate in the method

Please complete the following information directly??in this paper, or by e-mail can be sent to Pre-few will update this paper the second floor.
After the request for the money deposited in the bank account, and then update the following paragraph (7) of the remittance date and time. Remittances upon confirmation, we will update you immediately for pre-information.

(1) Forum ID:
(2) pre-few and Payment:
(3) real name:
(4) contact telephone numbers:
(5) E-mail address: (Be sure to fill in the most frequently used e-mail)
(6) remittance date and time: (please fill in after remittances, otherwise please fill "has not yet remittances")

6. Attention

(2) all the money exchanges are "remittance" manner, I am afraid not accept cash or??money personally.
(3) the deadline has not yet remittances, we will cancel your orders.
(4) purchased by overseas fans who wish to participate in activities, to facilitate the operation and save your remittance fees, we propose
Your back-up in their district / moderator contact list.

Following back-up will participate in the??activities:
Japan: Vanness 1 Love, Vanness Zone
South Korea: VannessFriends, Vanness Wu World
Malaysia: VIFC overseas District moderator Jessi
Philippines: Certified_VannAddicts
Singapore: OnlyF4 and / or VIFC overseas District moderator whalesg
Thailand: VCC Thailand

(5) Persons in charge of Hong Kong collect all amounts, in December 21 prior to the money transfer to Taiwan
Bay, the back-up from four zones for Taiwan's cooperation deal with matters such as ordering and delivery.

Immediate Action for F4 3rd album (TW version)

Description of Activity

This is an advance purchase for F4's third album (Taiwan version) to be released in Taiwan on 28/12/2007. This project is carried out jointly by (Taiwan Love Jerry's Family); ( VIFC); (KCIFC) and (Vic Power) (Name of fan clubs are listed in the order of their age sequence)

Period of Activity

Immediately, till 18pm, 20 December 2007

Unit price for HK and Overseas orders

(1) HK $ 100 per album (to be collected in Taiwan. Postage will be required on top of the unit price, if you wish to get it by mail.)
(2) HK $ 110 per album (to be collected in HK, shipping included)

Banking information (good for HK and Overseas payer only)

Bank: Bank of China (HK) Limited
201 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, NT Hong Kong
A / C Number :012-880-1-053348-9
A / C Name: Hung Yuen Yu Yu Suk Chong Alice &

If you wish to make an order

Please fill out the necessary information listed below and reply to this post directly or email to We will update the purchase statement in this post accordingly.

(1) VIFC ID / Name:
(2) No. of album you wish to order:
(3) Phone No.:
(4) E-mail: (mandatory)
(5) Date of remittance: (please complete this part once remittance is done, otherwise please leave it blank.)

To minimize your remittance cost, for individuals other than HK, we would strongly recommend you to place the order via one of the following persons or fan clubs. Thank you!

Japan: VanNess 1 Love; VanNess Zone
Korea: Vannessfriends; Vanness Wu World
Malaysia: Jessi from VIFC
Philippines: Certified_VannAddicts
Singapore: onlyF4 and / or whalesg from VIFC
Thailand: VCC Thailand

PS. We will try our best but do not guarantee you will get an autographed copy of the album.

We sincerely hope all F4 fans around the world will support in this new album and wish it will achieve an excellent result!


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