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Vic Believes Barbie Is the Girl He Wants to Marry

Vic Believes Barbie Is the Girl He Wants to Marry

Zai Zai and Da S are still very much in love after they have been dating for more than two years. In regard to the love scenes with Lee Bing Bing in the movie [Linger], Zai Zai didn't tell Da S in details about the script in protecting his working space. "We are actors. I believe that we both understand our work. I think that S will be proud of me when she see my new film."

But women are emotional human beings, won't you worried about your girlfriend getting jealous? asked by the reporter. "Not a problem for me. I will not choose a jealous girlfriend. Da S is a girl of generosity," Zai Zai said.

The positive messages from his movie [Linger] make Zai Zai realize the meaning of love in life and cherish Da S, a person always with him. Zai Zai said, "At the beginning when we fell in love with each other, our love was very passionate and strong. Once the intensity of passion was cooling down, we learned to live and interact with each other. Currently we are friends and lovers. Our relationship is very stable. I could say our relationship has elevated to another level. I get used to have her in my lfe. In the past I don't celebrate birthdays. But I have many cards and letters from S that are very valuable to me. I cherish these gifts very much."

Zai Zai honestly expressed that Da S and him enjoy the feelings of this long lasting relationship. (like a running river never ends). "We never complain about having a plain life. She is mature and not pretending to be a little girl kind. These are also the reasons I choose her. Simplicity and Commoness in fact are 'love'."

Rumors about Zai Zai and Da S unstable relationship spreading around, but Zai Zai thinks that Da S is the girl he wants to marry. However, having seen his brother and sister in-law worked so hard for their child, Zai Zai realizes he needs to strengthen his career and then make plan for marriage.

Credit: & Mingpao

Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

"If there is time next year, maybe popularity is decreasing, I would consider marriage!" Yesterday(11th) afternoon, Big S Barbie Xu came to Chengdu to promote a watch brand name as the spokesperson. As for boyfriend Zai Zai Vic Chou's comment "Our relationship next year will have a big breakthrough", Big S laughingly says Zai Zai for sure won't say it on the own. At the same time, Big S collaborated very well with the sponsers event, the event also had a magician performing magic.

At the function, the magician had 4 knives, piercing into a sealed box. Afterwards, Barbie dressed in red appeared out of the box, surprising everyone.

Early days Big S's boyfriend Zai Zai accepted an interview and said him and Big S's relationship will have a big breakthrough next year, is that hinting they'll be getting married next year? "I'm not really sure, he for sure is afraid to say it to me." The strong Big S confidently says, "If next year there's time, or my popularity decreases, I'll consider getting married with him!" Watching the expressions on the media, Big S changes the topic and laughs: "It's most unlikely!"v

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