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Moments with Xiao Tian .... =p

Ok, i don't know where to start.
Since everybody posted their reports. I'll just give some overview.

First Stop - SM North Edsa
(Sunday) December 2, 2007

We received an info that Ken and the rest of the casts of Batanes will be having a Mall Tour. We were confused because SM Cinemas said they have no idea about the said activity. But us (Lauren, Weng, Kai and I) never lose hope. Finally, I've met my Jerry-Fan-Friend, Teng ...and joined us.

Lauren and Weng went upstairs to check what's going on ... Later on, i received a call from Weng. Go to Cinema 9-10? i don't know the exact words but she said --HURRYYYY!!! We saw a huge banner setting up, a small stage and barricades. We were standing and waiting for them to finished settting up. Until we received some SMS from Claire and Mimi that Xiao Tian already arrived @ GMA studio and the crowd went wild. We were so excited and hoping that Ken will be appearing here in SM North. Several SMS received telling us that ... Ken won't be having any Mall tours. We were frustrated by that time. We said, we'll just wait and see what will happen.

And then ... they arrived ...we went crazy ... hahaha!
We were standing near the stage ... infront of the barricades, near KEN!

That was My very first time to see an F4 member --that close!
hahaha. Then the casts promoted ...and we kept on cheering and shouting ...I never thought that Claire and Mimi arrived. Kanya-kanyang buhay at that time.wahahaha.

They threw so many movie posters. I hardly reach for one. I shouted to Ken ... "Xiao Tian, Infront" ... "Infront" hahaha. Then he went down the stage and gave Weng a poster ...ok ... I shouted once more ..."infront..infront" and then, Ken handed a poster to Kai...haha. So I shouted once more with a very LOUD VOICE ---"INFFFROONTTT" ... He went near and then threw the poster infront of me! hahaha! Then, he laughed. (Pinaglaruan ako nito ah! hahaha!) ...After the promo, we chased Ken till he went down the escalators. Then, i stopped. hahaha.Mahirap na baka mahulog ako! hehe. I saw Kai, Lauren and Weng going down. Weng got a good video chasing Xiao Tian haha with matching dialogues.

Next Stop: Megamall
We agreed to have our dinner at Megamall. Then Ken won't able to make it at that time. Iza said, he was sick. awwwwww.

2nd Day: Fan Meet and Greet at Trinoma
December 3, 2007
Battleground: Activity Center

Kai and Mimi volunteered as our guards at Trinoma. They went as early as 8am! wuhoooooo!!! Kai was the first person who arrived, 2nd was Mimi! So they were EARLY BIRDS ...(Nevermind the battle situation, the most important part was --they went there voluntarily and fall in line). As the rest agreed to be there after 12nn. As soon as i finished my work, i go straightly to Trinoma.and fall in line.

We waited for almost 3-4 hours? hahaha. That was a very longgg program and we were so bored at that time. When Iza and Ken arrived, the crowd was unstoppable.

Go to this link for the video

Wow Kai was onstage, caught in the act ... giving our presents. Thanks so much!

After the Event, we went to Max's to eat our super duper late dinner ...and these shots were so funny ...hahaha.

Last Stop:
Premiere Night - Trinoma Cinema

Arrived at 2pm-at our agreed meeting place. Ate early dinner. and took some snapshots of the plates.hehehe.

Ken arrived, my sisters were outside waiting for Ken.
Ken went inside Cinema 6 ... Thank us for coming and hope we enjoy the movie.

All inside went wild for some reasons. It's the first time we saw Ken in his most daring scene.nyahahahaa...Oxygen!

For you to know, Watch Batanes --- All Cinemas in Metro Manila.
I don't know if it's showing outside Manila. I have no Idea. LOL.

It was really a MEMORABLE MOMENTS ... I never thought i would see him that upclose. Maybe the best thing to do is not to expect, not to wish, but to wait and see what will happen next. My sisters are so happy (till now) and we really enjoyed each other's company. There were never dull moments eventhough we were so tired.

I will forget those unhappy things ... but rest-assured, I already said that --- Me and my friends did a good job and i am so proud of them.

Reporting for duty
Col. daomisyel ...


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