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Journal from LaurZai: My_Most_Unforgettable_Experience

Journal from LaurZai
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It’s been two weeks since Ken arrived here in Manila to promote their movie Batanes with Iza Calzado. I really miss him already! ^_^ Ok so I’ll narrate my super memorable experience with him, though late.

December 1 (Saturday) – Airport

Ate Kai and I were supposed to go the airport and wait for Ken’s arrival because it is scheduled that day. But then I received a text message from her that she cannot go with me for some reasons. Despite that, I still went to the airport myself and tried my luck. I arrived at NAIA past eleven. When I got of the bus, I was in the middle part of the airport. From afar I saw the place where Ken went out last time he was here so I stayed there for a few minutes at the same time thinking how can I get near because it was far from where I was standing and there is a barricade. I texted the retardeds on my location and Sis Mitch said that in the waiting area, there is a Jollibee near so I decided to walk around and saw a parking lot and saw the Jollibee Sis Mitch was referring to. I went there and saw many people waiting. I looked inside the separated area where you should pay 30 pesos to enter. There were televisions where you can see the people going down to the area and the other TV showing the flights and whether it has arrived or delayed. Then I saw one Eva Air flight from Taipei arriving at 11:40 just as what Sis Weng texted me that it was the only flight that day from Taipei. I panicked and decided to go inside the waiting area then I realized that Ken wouldn’t go there with many people of course he’ll go where there are few people. So I went outside again and, while I was in the pedestrian lane heading to where I was the first time, I saw a guard and asked him “Manong dito po ba dumadaan yung VIP?” he said, “Oo dito” then I said, “Puwede po ba akong umakyat dun sa taas? May hinihintay po kasi ako eh” he replied, “Oo sige basta ikaw (harhar), sino bang hinihintay mo?” I said, “Artista po hehe...” then I walked up and I was near the exit where I was first standing, the difference is that I am not outside the barricade haha! I was standing there waiting for Ken, looking at the Eva Airways Plane, pretended using the pay phone, going in and out of the comfort room, act like looking for someone and many more so that the guard will not drive me out there because there’s a large sign board that says “Bawal ang tumambay dito” hehe. After 2 hours of waiting I decided to leave the airport because I don’t think Ken will still arrive and besides there is no sign of media and gma. Even though I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of Ken, I am still looking forward on seeing him the next day.

December 2 (Sunday) – SM North Edsa

Ate Claire and Mimi, two lucky retarded who were given the chance to watch SOP. While ate Kai, ate Mitch, ate Weng and me decided to go SM North Edsa because they said that the cast will go there to promote. While waiting at the food court, I decided to walk around and ate Weng accompanied me. We were standing at the cinema where the huge tarpaulin of Batanes is hanging when suddenly some staffs were rolling it and then we saw big light being brought somewhere. Tensed, we rushed and followed the walking light and reached the other side of the cinema and they were setting up the stage for the Batanes promotion. Ate Weng immediately called the rest to come up where we were. We waited for almost 3 hours when we heard screams from behind! And when I looked back I saw Ken’s head and he’s walking near us because we were in front of the stage. While he was standing beside, I was staring at him and still cannot believe that he’s that near to us. The cast of Batanes (consist of Ken Chu, Iza Calzado, Mike Tan, Glaiza De Castro and Joem Bascon) went up the stage and talked about the movie and stuffs, didn’t understand a thing because I was busy staring at Ken while shouting “Xiao Tian Jia You!” They gave us poster and my lucky sisters got theirs from Ken himself. After that they went down the stage and walked to the escalator. I wasn’t about to follow when I saw ate Mitch running after them, I followed. I stopped at the top of the escalator thinking whether I’ll follow then I realized there’s a stairs beside it. I saw ate Kai and ate Weng going down the stairs so I also ran down the stairs. We landed first before Ken because the escalator was too slow hehe. Then we were walking beside Ken taking videos and pictures of him and we were like 2 feet away. The guards were the only one separating us from him. When we were near the door, I took the risk and reached my hand to ken’s hand and I succeeded! Then I waited for him to ride the van and trying to see him inside the tinted window. That was my first Ken encounter and I am so HAPPY! Our next stop, SM Megamall.

SM Megamall

Went to SM Megamall afterwards to continue the stalking, it was their last leg for promotions that day. Upon reaching mega, rushed upstairs to the cinemas and saw the set up. After waiting for almost an hour, the cast arrived but Ken is missing. The crowd was silent at first when Iza Calzado went up the stage and said that Ken is not feeling well and needs rest. That’s ok because the fun’s not over because we still have 2 more days with him haha. Iza’s very nice and I love how she talked to the fans. The cast gave us again posters and more posters haha! After that, went straight to the food court and ate a heavy meal. Up next, grand fans day at Trinoma.

December 3 (Monday) – Trinoma Activity Center

Left school exactly 1pm then I arrived at Trinoma around 2:30 in the afternoon. When I arrived, the line’s long already so I hurried to where the retardeds are. Ate Kai and Mimi were the first two in line wuhoo! And the rest of the retardeds were like more or less 100th place. After hours again of waiting, went inside the activity area around 5pm and upon showing our receipt from Ineng’s, we were led to the front bleachers because we will have the chance to meet and greet the cast of Batanes. YEY! The program started 6:30 in the evening hosted by Strawberry of 97.1 Brgy. LS fm. The first who went up on stage where Coco Martin, Glaiza de Castro and Mike Tan who rendered song numbers for everyone respectively. They also played games with the audience and the prizes are posters, pins and a Batanes premiere night ticket. It was already 8pm when Ken and Iza arrived at the venue. Iza went upstage and sang 2 songs and gave us posters again and pins. After that came the moment all have been waiting for, Ken was called by Iza onstage. As expected, loud screams and shouts echoed the whole Trinoma. Ken tai shuai that time and everyone looked intensely at him. He and Iza where given plaques stating that they are now official adopted son and daughter of Batanes. Ken said “Batanes I think is the last paradise here on earth”. He also reminded everyone to take care of the place and don’t ruin it (how sweet!). Next was the autograph signing and photo op for us (waah!). We fall in line and waited patiently for our turn. When I was onstage, I took a video of him so that I’ll be able to capture our moment haha but silly me pressed the button twice and got only 2 secs video tsk. When it was my turn I looked down to Ken and he gave me an autographed picture of him and offered his hand for a shake and then smiled at me. That was it, my whole world stopped and felt like it was only me and him =p I totally forgot about Iza and wasn’t able to get her sign and didn’t shook her hand (sorry!). I hurriedly went behind Iza and posed while Kuya Az (thanks kuya!) took a picture yey. I was still stunned after that and wasn’t aware of the happenings around me haha. Whilst we were down the stage, we took the chance to stare at Ken and cherished that moment. Not long after, it was time for him to go (awww..) so he waved at us and left the stage. We didn’t wait anymore for him to leave Trinoma instead went to Max's for late dinner. I got home past 12 midnight. Last day, Batanes premiere night.

December 4 (Tuesday) – Trinoma Cinema

I met first ate Mitch and Mimi at Megamall around 3pm then we went together to Trinoma for the premiere night. Gather with ate Claire, ate Weng and ate Teng at Fuzion near the cinemas. After signing up went to Ineng’s to claim our food which we weren’t able to get the day before. Chrissie arrived and I was able to meet her at last. Once we finished eating got back upstairs and met with ate Liz then went inside Cinema 6. Afterwards, ate Kai arrived completing the entire retarded army. Waited for Ken outside, he and the rest of the cast arrived around 8pm. He looked gorgeous wearing a shades but still with a cold =( We followed him to Cinema 7 then ran back to Cinema 6. After a few minutes, he entered cinema 6 where he said a few words to us. The movie started, the first 30 minutes was silent but when Ken showed in the big screen, screams didn’t stop till the end. The movie is great, Batanes is a very wonderful place and Ken was so cool in the movie as well as the other casts, job well done. After the premiere night, we ate at McDonald’s then went home. It was the last and final quest for us and the 3-day Ken adventure was worth a million to us. We will miss you general Chu Xiao Tian!! Jia you!!WO MEN AI NI....

Compiled pictures coming soon!

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