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Ken Chu gives RP producer big discount

Wednesday- December 5, 2007
Entertainment Section
by Nestor Cuartero

Ken Chu gives RP producer big discount

FOLLOWING its Philippine commercial run, which starts today in Metro Manila, 'Batanes,' the movie, guns for an Asia-wide release.

Director Adolf Alix, Jr. said that partners Ignite Media and GMA Films will both handle the international distribution of the film, a love story set against the now tranquil, now reckless waters of Batanes, the country's northermost island province.

Asked how the production managed to sign up Ken Chu, a singer-actor member of the famed 'F4' boy band which became a sensation throughout Asia, Alix said a friend hooked them up with a Hong Kong-based Filipino, who knew Ken.

Aiming for the moon, Alix sent Ken a script. In one week, the Taiwanese actor accepted the offer and made himself available for the shoot. He said he had wanted so much to see Batanes, famous for its white sand beaches, green mountains, and wide open spaces.

After two weeks of filming, Ken had fallen in love with the island. In an interview, he said he wanted to buy a property on the island.

Ken joked that in accepting the movie offer, he gave the Manila producers a lot of discount. Ken and his leading lady, Iza Calzado, were honored as honorary children of Batanes during a preview of the film held Monday at the Podium. Ken said he's open to doing another movie in the Philippines.

Mayor Demi Narag of Basco town presented Iza and Ken a vacul each, the traditional rainy season vest (for men) and headdress (for women) as a symbol of their being adopted children of the province.

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