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Missing it more ....

I was so busy compiling all newsclips, teasers etc of the upcoming series - Hot Shot when I saw this clip ... When F3 surprised Zaizai on his album launch.I really love this scene
so I took a snapshot of this. The most famous --- F4 group hug.

Oh well, am also missing this one....the original loveteam of all time, our WU-CHU tandem. Bwahahaha
I was not paying attention on the news lately regarding replacing F4 as Tourism Ambassadors. Who Cares? F4 is busy on their INDIVIDUAL WORKS and Upcoming CONCERT IN OCTOBER.
What's the BIG DEAL? We know in this world of showbizness
, there are pressures, comparisons, endless negative remarks...etc.etc.etc.

Now I have read that Jerry stole the limelight when HE appeared on Hot Shot Premiere.

1. If Jerry didn't showed up --- media would say He is HARD to Handle

2. Jerry showed up -- media said, He is stealing the limelight.

Nightmare ako sa necktie mo, diba mga sis...waaaaaah.distracted.

Oh well, what can we do? Nothing. Oh well, Let us just seat and wait for Hot Shot later.
Btw, CTV will premiering it tonight at 9:30pm and August 2 on GTV.

And Don't forget ... Vanness' new book is coming .. and Please go to this thread if you are interested ... Pre Order Here

Ok have to go. I have to work here today so that tomorrow, i can just stare on my pc on my workstation and dream of ....

Last night, retardeds watched THE DARK KNIGHT.
AWESOME MOVIE, yun lang masasabi ko ....


Astig ....

and we knew that Edison Chen's scenes in Dark Knight was deleted. We saw one scene, 0.5 sec! hahaha

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CC Mode naman....

Weng sent me this photos .... hayyyy

And took a snapshot of my CC

Miss ko na sila ....

100% Entertainment - GTV featured Romantic Princess tour in Manila
(Wu Chun: Masarap=Yummy!!!)

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