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Fahrenheit replaces F4 as Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors

Source: Minpao
Translated by: bluebbear549 @

Fahrenheit’s goal is to exceed F4’s during marketing in Japan and South Korea

Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Arron Yan baton passed F4 becoming a spokesperson for the Taiwan Tourism, continuing to attack the Japan and South Korean market. F4’s past appeared astonishing, helping Taiwan earn at least 1.1 billion Taiwan dollars in tourism revenue. Fahrenheit believes that the pressure is really big, but they are trying to set a goal beyond F4’s. F4’s jobs were compared with Fahrenheit’s. For two times, F4 propagandizes successfully in Japan and South Korea with two fan meetings. There has also been rumors that in October, F4 will be holding 6 concerts in Japan; Fahrenheit had only 1 overseas publicity, 1 fan meeting. A magazine states that there is no way that they’ll beat F4.

Yesterday, Fahrenheit attended the Tourism Bureau press conference. Wu Chun, although is from Brunei, he is also Taiwanese. Wu Chun is trying to promote Taiwan’s water park. The other three members have introduced from Taiwan’s land to snacks, and to romantic places.

THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY CAN BEAT F4. Although I like CC hahaha!

We all knew that F4 has no interest of renewing their contract as Tourism Ambassadors because of conflict schedules of their individual works. But these media are making it a BIG DEAL. Oh well, Good Luck na lang. Ipasa daw ang pressure sa kanila. hehehe =)

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