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Is it the friendship or the fandom?

I have been a fan girl (F4 since 2003), so as my whole life changed because of them - keeping loyal friends, knowing people who will take care of me and most of all meeting people whom i would like to share my fangirling moments.

Yet, some people are really disturbing.

Yes, these people kept on murmuring on things that IS ABSOLUTELY FOUL.

Why? Because THESE PEOPLE can't understand the MEANING OF RESPECT.

RESPECT? yes, respect the blog you've read and stop criticizing

Criticizing who? If you know the news lately, then you're aware of it specially if you're from the Philippines.

Aware of what?

I don't know. How can i explain? Me and my friends were hurt of what these people were talking about.

Can you JUST respect us? Me and my friends are having fun. We enjoyed each moments we had.

And don't question our loyalty because, in my entire life --- F4 still the best.

You people should realized how we were hurt. If you said these people were PAID, then how come i never received my payment?

Do not underestimate RETARDEDS,,,,, or else. Bang!


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