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Fahrenheit vs. F4

Fahrenheit vs. F4

Since the mention of their group popped up, the press prodded them about being compared to F4 of the hit Taiwanese series MeteorGarden. Both Chun and Calvin refused to say who’s more popular between the two groups these days.

Chun even claimed that F4 is “still big in Taiwan” and that both F4 and Fahrenheit have their fair share of supporters. As for being at par with F4, Chun’s opinion on the subject merely emphasized his down-to-earth personality.

"I think we still have a lot of things to learn. We are just new. We’ve been in showbiz for just three years. And I think F4 has been in this business for seven years or so. (And besides), we can’t judge this by ourselves. But what's important is that in all our dramas and record alcbums, we do our very best and hope that we get good results.”

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