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F4 star Vic Chou may try to blend in, but he still can't hide his star power

HE REFUSED to stay in a five-star hotel, opting instead to share his film crew's NT$400 ($17) a night accommodation.

Certainly not something one would expect from Taiwanese superstar Vic Chou.

Vic is famed for being one quarter of boyband F4 (now known as JVKV), a foursome that gained regional blockbuster success after starring in the 2001 Taiwanese mega-hit, Meteor Garden.

Said Vic, 28: 'When I was young, due to differences in backgrounds and things that we owned, my friends and I had many misunderstandings.

'For me now, I want to be treated the same as everybody else. As long as we are all happy together, that's good enough for me.'

Vic was in town yesterday to promote his latest television drama, Black & White, along with co-stars Mark Chao, Ivy Chen and director Tsai Yueh Hsun.

The action drama tells the story of two detectives who are as different as night and day - Vic plays the irreverent one while Mark plays the goody-two-shoes.

Black & White is currently showing on Mondays to Fridays at 8.30pm on Mei Ah Drama Channel (SingTel mio TV Ch 73).

Vic explained that during the filming of the series, he was offered luxurious accommodation which he felt was 'unnecessary'.

'A small space that is sufficient for me to sleep in and put my belongings will satisfy me greatly.

'I don't like to be thought of as being better than everybody else,' he said.

The heartthrob's hope of 'blending in' was apparent - literally - when he suddenly pulled the lever to lower his chair, causing him to sit lower than everybody else.

But his efforts to go unnoticed were in vain.

Director Tsai was addressed by the media next and was asked to rate the competence of his cast.

The director, oblivious to Vic's 'lowered position', singled out the actor and commended him for turning in an outstanding performance in the show.

Instead of owning the moment - as all eyes were on him - Vic looked solemn and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, constantly sneaking peeks at his co-stars seated beside him.

And his humble reply?

'My biggest challenge was worrying about how to do justice to such a good script.'

Answering reports that series-wise, he has been insured for NT$1 million whereas co-star Mark was only insured for NT$300,000, Vic was quick to say that Mark should have been insured for a bigger amount than him.

Didn't work

His reason? Because Mark was a better fighter than him.

But however hard he has tried to play his success down, it seemed that Vic's wish to assimilate with his peers has not been entirely fulfilled.

When co-star Ivy was asked to choose between dating Vic or Mark, she chose the latter without hesitation.

The reason for her choice caused everyone to break out in laughter.

Said Ivy: 'Mark and I are closer in age so we probably can get along better.

'But the bigger reason is that I'm terrified of Vic. He really intimidates me such that I am even scared of talking to him.'

Ivy, by now a bundle of nerves, tried to elaborate further but constantly tripped over her words and eventually gave up speaking altogether.

Joked Vic: 'She's like someone who dug a hole, got in and now finds it impossible to get out.'

Could it be that Vic alienates people not because of his 'star status', but rather his dark, sullen side?

The self-confessed introvert admitted to suffering from severe mood swings which he said could cause him to go from happy in one second to 'extremely down' in the next.

In recent reports, it was surmised that this was the cause of his break-up with Taiwanese starlet Barbie Hsu, whom he had dated for two and a half years.

Barbie told Chinese media that Vic had, at times during their relationship, locked her in his bedroom with him and ordered her not to talk to him while he played video games and watched TV for hours on end.

Said Vic: 'I don't like places where there are many people, in fact I have a phobia of crowds. That's just the way I am.

'But I'm not stingy with love. If I meet someone that I really like, I would go all out to sacrifice for this relationship.',4136,210203,00.html

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