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End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million

End of Otaku life, Zai zai accepts digital camera advertising for NTD7million
Saturday August 29, 2009 Taiwan
Source : UDNl
Translated by sytwo @ VIC and

Although Zai Zai (Vic Chou) is now single, he is still happy - when taking pictures he has Ken Chu help change the lense, and for meals he has housemate Xiu Jie Kai to take care of it, so that he can focus on taking a break doing nothing. Zai Zai is a severe-type of otaku (homebody), spending the whole day at the sofa watching TV or playing online/ video games. His moustache/ beard growing like a landlord (old usage), like Robinson [not sure who this is]. Yesterday, he attended a camera endorsement event, and due to having enough rest he seems totally refreshed and joked non-stop.

Zai Zai completed his filming work at the end of April this year. Aside from several specific pre-arranged activities, he almost always stayed at home. Strictly speaking, he has been busy working non-stop for 3 years straight. He became a couch potato, and Xiu Jie Kai could not endure it anymore, "Your life is too boring, go out and take a walk." Zai Zai was tired for too long and really want ed to do nothing, "This is the sort of life I need now."

To what extend did Zai Zai take a break (do nothing)? To the extend that when Xiu Jie Kai heard his stomach rumbling and asked him : "Are you hungry?", only then will he eat. Moreover, the food is entirely prepared by Xiu-Jie Kai. Zai Zai smile and said "Even the rice is prepared by him." This mode of interdependence, is similar with the recent ly hotly popular <郭鑫、阿布有異曲同工之妙>.

Zai zai accepted a camera advertising for a NTD7million reward, making a rare comeback (after long hiatus) and willing to cope with overwhelming queries from media, such as about Mark Zhao's rumours of "Big Headed Disease", and even about H1N1. Zai Zai said that he had known from the start that Mark Zhao will become popular, and from early on has told Mark what he will face. As for the rumors of "Big Headed Disease", he interceded on his behalf : "I have debuted for nine years. Vanness Wu of F4 is similar to him, using English logic and translating directly from English to Chinese. That's why it led to misunderstanding." And he who had always have weak body resistance, has predetermined long ago for his fans to always wash their hands before and after shaking hands to prevent from infecting each other.

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