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3 Chinese stars appointed as UNICEF ambassadors

From left to right, Vic Chou, Eric Sun and Huang Xiaoming at a press conference in Hong Kong on August 5, 2009. [Tungstar/Xinhua]

The Hong Kong office of the United Nations Children's Fund announced the appointment of actors Vic Chou, Huang Xiaoming and Eric Sun as its goodwill ambassadors at a press conference on Thursday.

A charity running event, to be held in November in Hong Kong, was announced on the same day.

The event will raise funds for the reconstruction of China's Sichuan province, which suffered from a massive earthquake in 2008, and help child victims to return to their normal lives.

"The Sniper" star Huang Xiaoming revealed he has started practicing Wing Chun for his upcoming film "Ip Man II", in which he will play the eldest student of kungfu master Ip Man.

(CRI August 6, 2009)

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