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Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Zai Zai, doesn't dare go to a cinema to see Da S

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

"Zai Zai" Vic Zhou yesterday attended a charity event in Hong Kong, it attracted a lot of support from his fans. Coincidently, his ex girlfriend "Da S" Barbie Hsu for the promotion of her film was also in Hong Kong. During the events, reporters asked Zai Zai if he would go to the cinema to show support for his ex-girlfriend's comedy movie, he expressed he's scared that his laugh isn't the same as other people and would probably be best that he waited until it can be rented.

Previously the media reported Da S and Hong Kong-er Louis Kuo had been secretly dating for a year due to filming together, the reporters asking what Zai Zai thought of it and he said "You guys have already said it's a rumour, rumours aren't true, it's not right to comment, her and I had truly dated and I will only wish her all the best."

In this series of charity events, it also includes a marathon, with the nickname "home" Zai Zai expressed he isn't a person that can run and is scared that he won't even be able to complete the 3 km, so he might not even turn up for the event.

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