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Ken Chu is very generous; pays for cast members' meals and massages all by himself

Translation by catalie @

"Momo Love" will be airing in October and having spent two months together day and night, Cyndi Wang, her five brothers and Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, have developed a really good relationship. Reportedly, often after they finish work, everyone still goes to browse night markets together and sure enough, Ken Chu has an older brother demeanor, regardless of whether it's food or massages, he will pay for all of it. Furthermore, recently when Geoffrey Gao was filming the drama's opening credits, he accidentally discovered Ken's "sensitive area"?

Although CTV & GTV idol drama "Momo Love" is still rushing to finish filming, the eight leads Cyndi Wang, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Ken Chu, Gabe Lan, Sphinx Ding, Geoffrey Gao and Huang Jing Lun recently gathered together for opening credits filming and the poster. Having filmed in Taichung for almost two months, little sister Tao Hua Cyndi Wang, Ken Chu and the rest of her brothers, have a really good relationship and often meet up to browse the night markets together after work.

Although Huang Jing Lun was popularity king on , the star exclaimed, "At the night markets, my 'older brothers' are the most popular and I become invisible." This makes him feel very disappointed but he further expressed, most of the time when we go out to eat, eldest brother Ken Chu will pay but he can also explain this, "It's not that I don't pay but because I'm too slow, I never have the chance to pay." Besides eating, Ken will even pay for massages. When asked whether it was simply massages, Huang Jing Lun thought for a while then replied, "Actually I don't know but once we go inside, the atmosphere is really nice." Afraid that Huang Jing Lun would describe it in too much detail, Ken Chu couldn't help but jump in and say, "Just say it's simply massages."

Since all eight people were there which is hard to come by, the scene was very loud and full of excitement. Jiro Wang, Cyndi Wang, Ken Chu and the others were filming the opening credits and in between, everyone would play leg entanglement games [T/N: 双脚交缠游戏 - bit unsure..]. Jiro Wang, Ken Chu and Geoffrey Gao on one team, while Cyndi Wang and two older brothers Sphinx Ding and Gabe Lan also played, leaving Huang Jing lun standing behind the sofa, put to one side by everyone. When colleagues teased him a bit, he simply put his legs up [onto the sofa].

When Director Qu wanted Jiro and Cyndi to hold hands, the other four brothers pretended to fiercely glare and Da Dong, Sphinx exclaiming, "You dare hold hands!" Jiro tightly held Cyndi's hand while pleading, "Sorry! Brothers." At one point, Geoffrey didn't know where to put his hands so he simply held Da Dong's hand. When Director Qu asked him to place his hand on Ken's waist, this time it was Ken's turn to plead, "Don't place it on my waist! Place it somewhere else." Did he almost touch eldest brother's "sensitive area"? In the end they reached a compromise and Geoffrey placed his hand on Ken's shoulder.

Although Ken tries to stop Jiro and Cyndi's relationship in any way possible in the drama, offscreen Ken knows that Fahrenheit will be performing in concert so he generously lent his beloved guitar to Jiro, laughing, 'I only have one condition, that is, say onstage that I lent it to him." Furthermore in the drama, Jiro and Calvin both fight for the female lead. Offscreen, they have been training hard and comparing body figures. Jiro said that his current figure is "little Wu Chun" and Calvin also called himself "little Jiro Wang"; both said, "We've been working hard on our abs lately, as soon as you touch it, you might get a concussion."

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