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Zai Zai and Xiu Jie Kai deep relationship from being roommates; teased as being "Niang Niang Jia Dao"

Zai Zai and Xiu Jie Kai deep relationship from being roommates; teased as being "Niang Niang Jia Dao"
Source : UDN
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Xiu Jie Kai held an autographing session for his book that was written two years ago. His roommate, Zai Zai, showed up to support, but was teased as "Niang Niang Jia Dao". (娘娘駕到 – New variety show with two male hosts known as being feminine) Their relationship blossomed when Zai Zai slapped Xiu Jie Kai's butt during the filming of . Xiu Jie Kai revealed that it gave him a fright at the time, but Zai Zai made fun and gave an OS to Jie Kai's inner heart: "Is this some kind of hint? Showbiz sure is a dark place."

Xiu Jie Kai's travelling book has been on sale since two years ago, and has sold around eight thousand copies, yet he finally held an autographing session yesterday. Even Zai Zai commented, "That's incredible." Xiu Jie Kai plans to travel to Thailand for his next book. Zai Zai happens to be going to Thailand to film a commercial next week, thus he asked Xiu Jie Kai if he would like come along and photograph him, "so when you go next time, you can tell others that Zai Zai has been here before."

Why does Zai Zai support Xiu Jie Kai so much? Other than because he is a home boy who usually relies on Xiu Jie Kai to cook and manage everything, "He takes showbiz the same way that I do, where he's not anxious to rise to fame, nor would he use our relation to stir up news." Their rules as being roommates are that they must not talk about work or enforce subjective views. They can laugh and watch (全民最大黨) together, and also quietly sit side by side without needing to find something to chat about to dissolve any awkwardness. Who else do you have this kind of relationship with in showbiz? Zai Zai answered, "Ken Zhu and Van Ness. They would come out with just a phone call."

Although Zai Zai was passionate in showing his support, Xiu Jie Kai remained sincere. When asked who he thinks will most likely take the Golden Bell Award for best actor, the two of them answered together, "Zhang Shi!" Regarding the rumors surrounding Janine Zhang and Mark Zhao, there were also rumors that Xiu Jie Kai and Mark Zhao's friendship turned sour because Jie Kai also wanted to pursue Janine. Jie Kai expressed, "Yeah right!" without hesitation. Zai Zai on the other hand, showed a blank stare.

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