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Next Stop; Happyness~ posted by Vanness Wu @ AND

source: AliveNotDead

The TV drama that I’v been working on is finally coming out…OCT 4th next Sunday. It’s not an action flick, or a hip hop stick, street culture thing…um…not even close…this ones for all fans who have asked me over and over again when am I going to shoot a love story…well it’s been 6 years…so to all the people that want a love story…here you go. Next Sunday Oct. 4th at 22:00 - 23:30 set your tv sets to TTV / SETTV (in taiwan) and make a night of it. And for all the haters who are rolling their eyes…I still have nothin but love, (The Love we give away is the only Love we keep - Hubbard) God bless y’all~

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