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Ken Zhu would rather die than marry in Las Vegas

Source : MediaCorp TV

Following the recent media circus of Asian stars secretly tying the knot in Las Vegas, prolific Taiwanese actor-singer Ken Zhu also came under the microscope as one of the possible celebrities who are guilty for saying ‘I do’ in Sin City. Ken, who is currently filming an upcoming Taiwanese drama, Momo Love, laughed when he was informed of the media’s speculations and told them to stop their search and save their energy.

The actor explained that he never once considered Vegas as a wedding location because there are too many last-minute and shotgun marriages recorded there. “According to my own personality and opinion, I feel that if I were to tell a girl that I would like to get married in Las Vegas, it does not feel sincere enough. It is as if I would unexpectedly regret and back out on my words.”

On the outbreak of accusations burdened on Andy Lau, who singlehandedly started the furore of exposing secret Vegas nuptials, Ken commented that the Heavenly King is a role model for all entertainment companies and newbie artistes. He cited an example from his early days in boyband F4 and shared that his manager would often spur him on by saying, “Look at Andy Lau. Look at how humble and hardworking he is.”

At Andy’s current predicament and desperate attempts to protect his own privacy and safeguard his career, Ken feels nothing but pity for him. As a fellow celebrity, Ken strongly understands the difficulties Andy faces. “When the media question about my relationships, I have nothing to hide. I am a public figure and I am most willing to entertain everyone. But this does not mean that I must be totally honest and public about my private life as this will also involve the female party. If I do not make any comments, it is done to protect my other half.”

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