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Vanness Wu's Complete Transformation

Vanness Wu's Complete Transformation

Source : Huaxia
Translation : oppas4all @

As a product of SETTV's transformation, Vanness Wu is working to get rid of his ABC accent. He has been required not to wear saggy pants, speak English. To make his single eyelid eyes look more like a manga male character, he was given circle lenses. All this was easy. The hardest part for Vanness was Chinese. His script was filled up with romanizations.

TTV and SETTV's starts showing 10/04. SETTV's president Chen Shan Yu said, "In the beginning, indeed, there were people asking 'Why Vanness Wu?'. "But just like during the filming of , when people were questioning the choice of Cheryl Yang, Chen has complete confidence in Vanness.

In order to have Vanness who has poor Chinese understand what the drama was about, Chen especially invited the director to spend two days to verbally describe the role and have him understand the the inner world of the male protaganist. Chen has also required Vanness to not speak any English to reporters and to wear well-fitted collared shirts to show his muscular figure and to not wear baggy clothes.

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