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Zai Zai Agrees to Appear on 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' as a Guest

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Zai Zai Agrees to Appear on 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' as a Guest

Although Da S is a vegetarian, she is willing to cook meat dishes for Zai Zai. How would she know if it is tasty? She replied, "Based on my instincts". Zai Zai plays a chef in his new series "Delicious Relationship / Fairytale Romance", and has agreed to appear as a guest in his girlfriend's show 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' to show off his culinary skills. This is the first time since Zai Zai & Da S publicly announced their relationship that they would be appearing together on the same stage for a variety show.

Relationship gone bad? No such thing.
Due to Xu Weilun's demise following a car accident six months ago, Zai Zai looked very wan and reports alleging that his relationship with Da S had gone awry were rampant during that period of time. Actually, the couple's relationship is still as good as ever. The day before, Da S accepted an interview while filming 'Da Xiao Ai Chi'. When Andy Lau was mentioned, she revealed that Zai Zai was a big fan of his, and would only sleep after watching his concert DVD at home. Xiao S immediately said, "Yes, when he comes to my house he will get us to watch it together with him. His favourite song is "It is not a sin for men to cry", and when it comes to the second half of the song he will call for all of us to sing together."

She is vegetarian, but cooks meat dishes for him
Da S has been a vegetarian for many years, but for Zai Zai's sake, she has been learning to cook meat dishes which include curry pork chop etc. When Zai Zai was asked whether he was willing to be a guest on Da S's show, he nodded in agreement. As for Da S, the producer of the show Ye Xin Ru said, "She has no problem with it".

Mickey Huang will not make a guest appearance
When asked if Xiao S's ex-boyfriend Mickey Huang would make a guest appearance, Ye Xin Ru said, "I have asked Mickey" but he replied, "Are you crazy!" jokingly, and it would be difficult theoretically. Actually, the ice between Mickey and Xiao S has been melted after they met at the Golden Bell red carpet show and they even joked with each other later at another show. Although there is no longer any animosity existing between them, Mickey is worried about Da S, who speaks her mind, and the two have not met to date.

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