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Linxilei not renew the contract, want to marry Ken Chu? ?

Translated by simple@kenforever. com
Source: Liberty Times July 23, 2007

? Linxilei (right) does not renew the contract with Mars
Entertainment, rumour came out she have the the idea of marriage,
and the scandal boyfriend is Ken Chu.

Lei-Lei" Linxilei does not renew the contract with Mars
Entertainment, she has the idea of getting marry? Fans have found
that the Lei-Lei's blog was removed from "Mars Entertainment, "
(http : / / www.supermars. com/stars1/ news/mars/ ) quietly. Her
manager Shen Yin stated that Linxilei does not renew the contract.
Her reason is : "personal career planning. " However, whether she is
tired after filming for two consecutive years, or any other
brokerage firms "fighting for star, " or if the rumor was her
parents reminded her to get marry, that she moved to the idea of
marriage? She will attend an opening of a gift shop on next Tuesday
in Taichung, media would questioning about it.

Since two years ago, Lei-Lei and Ken Chu filmed "Tokyo Trial",
scandal never broken off. Lei-Lei particularly flew to Hong Kong to
attend the last F4 concert to cheer for Ken Chu in last March. Not
long ago, two of them flew to Milan for Versace dinner. There is
even rumors that both of them were living together secretly.
However, the manager Shen Yin denied : "I know this is not true.
Both of them are only working together."

Managing director of Mars Entertainment Jiang Cheng Jin said, the
company works happily with Lei-Lei, and of course he wants her to
stay on. But Lei-Lei vaguely referred her fathers wants her to
manager the family's organic food business, the company and her may
move towards a "tacit understanding" approach for working in futher.
For whether she get marry or not, he then said that he was not

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