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Update on Vanness solo concert on 13 July @ Japan

Update on Vanness solo concert on 13 July @ Japan
13 JULY 2007 solo concert brief update

yo ... just back from the concert, another amazing is off at a rather slow start but things start to build up and got more high 2nd quarter into the show till the end plus of coz the encore

first vanness appear on stage in a king throne and kick off the show with a remix bit of ’my kingdom' then follow by a couple of old songs LIKE ' i hate myself' the original version and then some songs he did such as 'ling shi cha' ...this time his stage costumes are rather conservative and only at near end when he sang 'looking for juliet' the usual concert version, then he took his shirt off and of coz everyone who is waiting whole night for his s-c-r-e-a-m!!!... most of the time he kept his shirt on or only bear his chest ... heee

Then during interval, Jimmy Hung first appeared as his guest for the night singing 2 or 3 his guest for the night singing 2 or 3 'tension' songs And then when he says he will sing babyface's 'everytime i closed my eyes' out came vanness singing the second verse ....awww...such a romantic song by him where he wore a white shirt bearing his chest...haaa....then at 3rd or 4th verse;into the song, out came nicky...the 3 sang all together....then of coz vanness and jimmy congradulate nicky as he just got the taiwan music Award for the best male singer. after that, the trio sang another engish hit 'all my life' it is quite nice too! then nicky took the stage solo....singing 'jie tou' and neyo's 'sexy love'...then vanness solo session again on a number of his songs...then one part, he sang 'mama' but invited his mum on stage, both got so emotional and cried...then at the end when vanness sent his mum off the stage, he even mischeviously say out to his mum surprise ……hahaha…….playful him

Then like last year, he plus jimmy and nicky belted out a number of english hits but most are ’old school’ hip hop hits but quite cool with vanness's dancing and this time he also danced like micheal jackson in a dance melody of mj song.

then he further sang solo of SONGS like 'my kingdom' ....gasp, my fave songs like 'just last dance'and sexy dancing moves with 3 lady dancers and encore final song is 'huan xiang ai' the remix version in japan !!!! Yea!

But encore is actually -liu xing yu – plus the remix –huan xiang ai –

in conclusion, there are a lot of things in store as we saw a lot of dancing from vanness and more styles that he had yet to show us till now……good move on that to give fans something new. However, I could not illustrate more on the first quarter of show where I thought it is focusing guite a bit more on melody’s dancing as she came out a couple of time of dancing abit as vanness start singing each song during that quarter show.

This is all I can write out at the moment…cant wait for the next show where i know he will perform even better.

Oh in the first part of the concert, he missed out Singapore fans. But towards the end as he was singing – My Kingdom – he fianally saw our light boards and shout out s-i-n-g-a-p-o-r-e We are so trilled.


ps. Pardon for the messy report as the keyboards have at the internet café is full of Japanese characters so I dare not used some functions keys. i am sure some one out there will provide u guys more detailed and neat report..hee…sign off for now …byeeee

thanks to whalesg @ VIFC

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